The Art of Indulgence


Indulge Your Guests 0

A house that is impeccably furnished and tastefully decorated will always radiate warmth for those who live there. It only makes sense that such hosts would want their guests to feel the same level of comfort and luxury. A guest room is a perfect space to finish the lifestyle story you begin from the very entrance of your beautiful house. It is the room where you can truly show your guests how much you care or even let your elite sense of style boast for itself.

Make the beds with luxurious Egyptian cotton bed-sheets. Choose a breezy print inspired by nature, embroidered sheets for a royal elegance or a statement solid colour to give the bed a personality.

Fluff up the duvet and use a matching cover to give your guests a cozy and light cover-up. Go a step further and add a couple of extra pure-wool blankets to cuddle up with a book on cold nights. Pick soft and light muslin blankets for warmer nights to ensure the sweetest sleep.

A perfect guest room experience would be incomplete if little attention is paid towards the bathroom. Let your guests be engulfed in the softness of fresh supple towels.

Lay out plush Turkish cotton towels for an elegant appeal or patterned jacquard ones for a cheerful look. Add to this the comfort of luxurious modal bathrobes and your guests will be charmed by your thoughtfulness. Indulge your guests so and inspire them to welcome these wonderful changes in their own homes.

How to create a 5-star hotel style bed at home 0

We have bottled fresh spring water, we have rare earth elements in our face cream, the wardrobe is composed of pure silks and cottons and we only eat organic produce. We have brought every possible natural luxury to our homes, yet the comfort of a posh hotel room is unmatched. It is a matter for some thinking that why a long sleep in our own beds doesn’t provide the relaxation that we feel even as we wake up at 6, fresh enough to take a stroll in a resort’s grounds? Why is it that a king sized bed at home still feels lesser than a queen sized one at a posh city hotel? Why our bathrobes don’t feel cozy enough to cuddle up in all day? The answer to these questions is fairly simple and easily guessed, quality.

As easy as it is to know what is right, it is a surprisingly difficult task to figure out how to acquire the objects of comfort we so desire. The markets are full of good quality options but it is the extraordinary superlative quality that we seek. Indulgeville makes it easy for you to bring this luxury home. We do the task of finding the best quality 100% pure, natural fabrics from around the world, that are lovingly crafted into bed, bath and home linen, and bring it together in one place for you to pick and choose. Check out the wonderful range of Bed and Bath linen on our website and you might feel we are spoiling you for choice.

Crazy About Cashmere 0

Imagine a fiber six times finer than human hair, softer than butter and so warm that you can stay cozy even at -40 degree centigrade? That is authentic Cashmere for you!

Procured from the under belly of Cashmere Goat bred in cold regions of China and Mongolia, this fiber is fairly scarce. It takes wool from 3 - 5 cashmere goats to make an average size sweater.

Its not only the fiber that is responsible for the finesse of a cashmere item. Its look, feel and softness is much dependent on its processing like spinning and weaving. Even the best raw material can be compromised by a sub-par finishing process.

Cashmere originated in Kashmir and now China & Mongolia are the highest producers of the raw material needed to make cashmere wool. However, its Europe that has mastered Cashmere manufacturing methods.

INDULGEVILLE features best in class luxurious Cashmere blankets, manufactured in UK by John Atkinson, who use traditional skills with modern techniques.

Indulge in Cashmere with our Home Collection.

Merino Magic 0

Merino's magic is revealed in its ability to keep you warm in winters and cool in summers. And it does so with such softness that no artificial fiber (like acrylic or polyester) comes close. 

Long ago someone had the idea to bring Spanish sheep, known as "Merino" stock on ships to New Zealand, where the climate seemed ideal, and there was plenty of room. No one envisioned that today there would be far more sheep in New Zealand than there are people. 

World's most authentic and  premium Merino wool comes from Australia and New Zealand. Merino is the most sought after wool for making high end luxury garments. 

While its softness and luxurious texture definitely call for such a fanfare, what makes Merino exceptional is its breathability. Fibres are able to absorb the moisture away from the body so that the wearer remains dry whilst sweating. This allows Merino clothing to help regulate body temperature, keeping you cool in hotter weather.

Thus the clamminess or itchy feeling that comes with acrylic wool sweaters worn on a relatively warm day is forgotten story when it comes to Merino.

Being natural with anti-microbial properties, Merino is ideal for those who suffer allergic reactions. 

Enjoy the bounty of this wonderful wool in INDULGEVILLE'S Home and Wardrobe collections.