Crazy About Cashmere


Imagine a fiber six times finer than human hair, softer than butter and so warm that you can stay cozy even at -40 degree centigrade? That is authentic Cashmere for you!

Procured from the under belly of Cashmere Goat bred in cold regions of China and Mongolia, this fiber is fairly scarce. It takes wool from 3 - 5 cashmere goats to make an average size sweater.

Its not only the fiber that is responsible for the finesse of a cashmere item. Its look, feel and softness is much dependent on its processing like spinning and weaving. Even the best raw material can be compromised by a sub-par finishing process.

Cashmere originated in Kashmir and now China & Mongolia are the highest producers of the raw material needed to make cashmere wool. However, its Europe that has mastered Cashmere manufacturing methods.

INDULGEVILLE features best in class luxurious Cashmere blankets, manufactured in UK by John Atkinson, who use traditional skills with modern techniques.

Indulge in Cashmere with our Home Collection.

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