Merino Magic


Merino's magic is revealed in its ability to keep you warm in winters and cool in summers. And it does so with such softness that no artificial fiber (like acrylic or polyester) comes close. 

Long ago someone had the idea to bring Spanish sheep, known as "Merino" stock on ships to New Zealand, where the climate seemed ideal, and there was plenty of room. No one envisioned that today there would be far more sheep in New Zealand than there are people. 

World's most authentic and  premium Merino wool comes from Australia and New Zealand. Merino is the most sought after wool for making high end luxury garments. 

While its softness and luxurious texture definitely call for such a fanfare, what makes Merino exceptional is its breathability. Fibres are able to absorb the moisture away from the body so that the wearer remains dry whilst sweating. This allows Merino clothing to help regulate body temperature, keeping you cool in hotter weather.

Thus the clamminess or itchy feeling that comes with acrylic wool sweaters worn on a relatively warm day is forgotten story when it comes to Merino.

Being natural with anti-microbial properties, Merino is ideal for those who suffer allergic reactions. 

Enjoy the bounty of this wonderful wool in INDULGEVILLE'S Home and Wardrobe collections. 


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